Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shock and awe

Chou Chou has had a big week.

The other day she grabbed her favorite shoes saying "Shoes! Shoes!" She can put her shoes on easily now and she gets at least one leg in her shorts or pants. Shirts go over the head and around the neck, if only because she can't find the neck hole.

Last night, she crawled up on the nursing chair and grabbed her baby signs book. I watched in awe as she turned the page, paused and made the sign for cereal, then turned the page and made the sign for eat, turned the page and Blow, Blow, Blow for hot. Sure, she's made some signs before, but never just sitting reading her own book. Then she went for her counting book and woofed at the puppies and meowed at the kitties, all on her own.

This morning, she pointed out my eyes, saying "Eyes", "honk" for my nose (whoops, probably should have stuck with the word nose and not the noise), and touched my mouth when I asked.

And the best? Her very first guilt trip - she had scraped her foot some time ago and, of course, we called it an owie. She latched on to that like a pitbull. "Owie," she says, pointing at the sole of her foot. The owie has long since healed, but at every chance - changing her diaper, in the bath, while playing on the floor - she grabs her foot, points and says "Owie. Owie? Owie!"

Gosh, she's cute. As someone said to me yesterday, the problem with this age is that they're so adorable you start thinking maybe you'd like another one. Not me, thanks, but I know someone who does...


Jennifer P said...

C'mon, join the club!

Jennifer P said...

And yes, she's dreadfully scarily adorable.