Monday, July 27, 2009


If Jen P can do this at 10 weeks pregnant, I can sure as hell knock out another half marathon more than two months from now.

What the hell is my problem? I keep putting off my training, keep over indulging, continue to let myself down. I had a stern talk with myself this weekend and figured it out - I'm falling into the trap I set for myself. See, I know enough about me to know that if I MUST do something, I will. I will commit, work hard, see it through. This goes for work, life, whatever. My first half marathon someone entered for me and I trained, full of milk, sleep deprived and in humid Ottawa. My ill-fated second half I entered and promptly started running in the depths of winter, even while hurting (that was a mistake. Lesson learned). But once I knew I wasn't going to be running the spring half, I stopped training. And then really stopped moving all together.

So I did it. I entered a race. The great thing about running here? Cheapie fees (loves it!) oh and...this is the shirt:

Heck yes that's a wheat plant running...well, it may actually be barley...I'll ask the designer what their intention was. Yes, I can tell the difference.


Jennifer said...

Hooray! I'm thinking barley. And its right shoe is untied. Don't make that mistake.

Ms. Caddywumpus said...

Agreed. I think it's barley too.