Friday, July 31, 2009


I think posts would be more exciting if we named them as the Thoroughbred world does. Thus today's title. You're welcome.

Further to today's title...while most things are going swimmingly: work, visits, Chou's new daycare, there are things that are crapping out and making me angry. Case in point - our Cuisinart coffee maker. We received it as a gift and we know it wasn't cheap and as of today I think it's finally dead. Less than four years for $100 coffee maker? I expected better. Sure, it gets a good workout daily, sometimes more, but it's not like it's a hard job to pour hot water over beans. Really.

If that weren't bad enough, we were downstairs last week and noticed a ceiling tile drooping and dripping...oh shit. We thought, what with all the extra kids in the tub, some extra water had been sploshed over the side and down side of the tub. Except that this morning after my regular shower, I went downstairs and sure enough there's a steady stream of water pouring out of the ceiling. Double shit.

There's a plumber coming in a few hours. Fingers crossed that it's an easy fix. I hate unexpected repair, oh, I don't know a whole new set of tires on the car last month? Hmm, yeah. It's been THAT kind of summer.

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Jenniferp said...

Speaking of ponies, the Manitoba Derby is this weekend! Oh, and get a new coffee maker. It's not an option.