Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday shorts

Today, in haiku

Did not run today
Company is on its way
Story got written


Bah, today's weather is what I wish all of summer looked like - a bit breezy, mostly blue sky and 22 degrees. What would be even better is if I had had my act together and been out running before 8 a.m. like I planned. Argh.

Why is it so easy to fall off the wagon and so hard to climb back on?


Our dishwasher is hooked up. In all our years together, Mr. Wumpus and I have never had a dishwasher. Last night at 10 to 8 we looked around our neat as a pin kitchen and wondered what we'd do now with an entire evening ahead of us. I ironed four of his shirts. I am slowly becoming a domestic goddess in spite of myself.

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Farmer Flinta said...

Oh the dw!!! My life wouldn't be complete without it. We have a new stainless steel Samsung in our newly renovated kitchen and it is as quiet as a mouse. I love it!