Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My bad

Um, it's amazing she still talks to me.

Jen P and I headed out for a 10 km run on Sunday. I knew we'd be slow what with her feeding a parasite and all, and I was all for it. Long, slow distance was what I needed.

The day was cool but the sun was warm and I was amazed that Jen P wasn't heaving all over the place. At that stage of my pregnancy with Chou you couldn't pry me off the couch I was so addicted to napping, and here she is signing up for a 10 km run. I promised few hills, and delivered, and I also did the mapping.

Which is where I made a boo-boo.

I had mapped out one course and it was a bit short, so I had gone in and mapped out another and it was a bit long.

Then we headed out on our run and I didn't re-check the route.


When we hit the first mile marker and Jen P needed a water break I glanced at my watch - we were right where I figured we'd be, around 12 minute miles. We kept up the pace - so I thought - but at the 5 mile mark our time was pretty slow. We finished off the not-quite-10 km in 1 hr 29 minutes...hmm, yeah, that was 14 minute miles. It's been bothering me for a few days because I really didn't think we were that slow. So I re-mapped our route.

6 miles?


Try 7.3 miles.

Sorry Jen.

But on a positive note, we DID run 12:11 min/miles. That's down right fantastic for being 8 weeks preggers, with a few climbs, in full sun. Kick arse!

Again, I'm so sorry. Hey, you're so going to be fine for the half in a few weeks! You're welcome.

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Jennifer said...

Too funny. Doing 1:29 10K was a bit of a joykill so I'm glad to know that it was 7.3 miles.

I guess we're even now.