Sunday, July 5, 2009

Garbage in, garbage out

To quote one far wiser: You get out what you put in.

And so this becomes my lesson for week two of getting back on the wagon. It wasn't a complete flop - I did get in all three Shreds. I did increase my mileage by over 10%, but over two runs, not three. I ended up with two rest days versus one. Why? Because my periformus (mis? mes?) was a bit ouchy after my 4.33 miler on Canada Day. The run itself was good and I felt OK: I only walked for 40 seconds after a hill and still had something in the tank at the end. As an aside, we won't be talking about pace, because while I'm better off than where I was this time last year, this time last year I was just over three months post-partum. Ugh.

After rest day, came Shred day and then today's run. My 5.08 miles today were nice, if I can say that. It was down right cold (11 degrees C) and spitting rain, but I'm nordic somewhere in my background so all is well. I planned on doing the 4.33 mile out and back but felt like I had more than enough at the end and so tacked on a .75 miles (I had no idea that was the distance, I just went to a stop sign and back - ta da!). Does anyone else get all emotional at the end of a good run? Today felt like I got past some barrier, as if the 45 minute mark were some magical line that, once crossed, I could just go on forever.


All this good stuff is to say, I also feel down on the job this week. I didn't give it 110% on the Shreds. I missed a run that maybe I could have done. But the worst part was my diet. Mr. Wumpus brought home beer last Monday. There are few things better in life than a cold beer on a hot day, a cold beer while making dinner, a cold beer with spicy chana masala. You get my drift. We ate healthy for the most part but I have a thing for baking. I made ginger snaps, oatmeal raisin cookies and homemade bread this week. Most of it is doled out in ziplocs in the freezer for lunches, but, of course, I had to do quality control. A lot. And then we had to go for ice cream. Dammit.

In all, I'd call this week a wash. Some gains on the running end, some back sliding on the eating end. Monday's weigh in had me down two pounds, we'll see what tomorrow brings. Yikes.

This week marks the begining of Come Visit the Wumpus House. The challenge? Fitting in running, visiting, work, more visting, a day out on assignment, more running and fun into just one week. Hmph.

This one's for you Jen P. Our 2007 HBC jersey (with my kick ass number). I wore this while 4 ish weeks preggers with Chou. This year, it's your turn to be queasy on Canada Day. Tee hee! And yes, unlike Jen P, I have no problem wearing technical shirts from past races. I am that cheap.

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Jennifer P said...

You better not wear that shirt when we run together this weekend. Ugh, that's SOooooo 2 years ago.

And why do you think this week wash a wash? It totally wasn't.

And I WAS queasy on Canada Day this year. I call a 2010 reunion.