Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 11 and 12. I'm back!

I have maybe three minutes before I have to get back to the conference room, but let me say that both Tuesday and Wednesday I ran 3.1 miles and did ab work. No, it's not the hour-plus of working out I hoped to do each day, and yes, my beer consumption has been above the "one a day" I had hoped, but all in all, I've been eating mostly veggies, no desserts, lots of water and yes, I did run. I call that a win.

Oh, and yesterday would have been my week one weigh in. I couldn't make it, but I did successfully end the week with PointsPlus extra points available. I'm hopeful to see a loss next week...especially after I go home and eat nothing but fibre for four days. True story.

AND, for all my non-Canadian friends, I have been doing some outside travel to and from the show. It's been -23 ish. That's Celcius. Ugh.

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