Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello running, my old friend

And so, day two of Janathon has arrived, and let it be known that I am one for two days of running! Woot woot? Yes!
Yesterday was too damn cold (my limit is -20, not including windchill), but today was a balmy -15 with hardly any breeze. My strategy was this: go slow, run/walk and DON'T BUGGER UP THE HIP.
Check, check, check.

I went for time, not distance (31 mins, it turned out), I went super duper slow, did 4 and 1s and two 5 and 1s, and generally just shuffled along. I love love love the spikes on my shoes (they're not yaktraks, more just studs on rubber that attach to my shoes). Then I got home and convinced the Husband to do an hour of yoga with me. The Chou joined in (mostly by climbing on me). That makes it two out of two for yoga.

Why all the yoga and slowness? I likely haven't shared just how out of shape I became Sept to Dec. My estimate (which will be confirmed on Wednesday) is that I gained 10 lb in three-ish months, lost all muscle tone and managed, somehow, to tie up my entire left hip/glute/groin. Tie up is a horsey term, I know, but anyone who has done active release therapy knows what I mean when I say that I've got issues that need to release all over the place and no therapist to do it.

So the game plan is this. 1. Run, but only for 30 ish minutes and slowly, because running seems to be the only thing that aggravates the hip. 2. Yoga daily. I have an amazing "yoga for hips" dvd with four workouts. They are awesome and I swear after two days it's helping. 3. Strengthen glutes, core and inner thighs. This is the source of the problem. 4. Find a therapist that practices active release therapy. So far, it looks like I may have to fly to Ottawa to find one. It just might be worth it.


L-Moe said...

Good to see you blogging again! I missed your blogs!

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