Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yoga is not for the faint of heart

Day 8 of Janathon was fraught with danger. There's a snowstorm raging (-14 degrees C, but with wind, so it's also a bit chilly) and I had to buy an entire new dress-up wardrobe.
$400 later (no, I'm not keeping it all), I discovered that while yes, I had gone up a size, it was only one and I still managed to find at least three outfits that I could feel decent in, regardless of the extra chub. They'll look even better 10 pounds from now.
Then, I ran. Just a 34 minute jaunt, complete with mismatched winter running gear (the pants are, in fact, curling pants, and I have a John Deere scarf with red mittens, a pink Lulu tuque and a blue Running Room jacket. If ever you needed proof I'm not vain...there you have it). It was snowy and blowy and trudging through the snow drifts isn't much fun. The studs on my shoes are really only helpful with ice, but still, I manged 6 and 1s the entire time. I still didn't quite get to 3 miles, but it's been a week. I'm reminding myself of that.
Then, we yoga'd. We being the Husband and I while Chou Chou Magoo who is (soon no longer to be) two climbed all over me at inopportune times. I gave the Husband the choice of yoga routine - 45 min easy, 55 min easy ish, 60 min hardcore, 80 minutes of pure torture. The fool that he is chose the 60 minutes of hardcore, muscle-shaking yoga. It was, in a word, hardcore. I'm so going to do it again tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow, the Husband is taking our sweet baby to Ontario to visit family. For five whole days. Away from me. The longest we've (me and Chou) ever been apart is two nights. If she weren't in such an "I love daddy" phase, I'd be worried.
Here's to day eight of Janathon, sexy skirts, flattering tops and hardcore yoga.

Janathon totals: Yoga 8/8, Run 4/8, Shred 3/8

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Smithers said...

You are a freakin' animal. Impressive, Wump, impressive.