Thursday, January 6, 2011

Raisins, avocado, dates, corn

Day one of the WW program is zooming along. I've already discovered several changes — most of which help to explain my gigantic weight gain in the last two months.
It would seem that under the new WW program MOST fruits and veggies are zero points, meaning you can eat as many as you like and it doesn't count towards your restricted intake for the day. Great! Except that many, many of my favorites (raisins, avocado and dates) still have a points value. Of course they do! Which means that while I've always eaten lots of good stuff, I've always typically been eating the most energy dense, highest fat options in the veggie world. Dammit.

I did have a bit of an Aha! moment today. While doing a new yoga sequence (my DVD has four and I had only tried two), I discovered supine pigeon (I go to the second variation but not all the way to human pretzel level). It felt so very good and — for the first time — caused my stomach to start gurgling away out of sheer joy. (For those who don't do massage on a regular basis, stomach gurgling happens when muscles/myofasica/etc. release. It happens to me during a really good massage). After yoga, I stood up and my glute/hip felt so much better. Not better better but better. Make sense? Good.

Also, I ran to drop off Chou this morning (only 3:30 mintues away), then continued to the 10 min mark, walked, then got so caught up in the music that I checked my watch - 20 min! That's right, I managed a 10 and 1 (vs. 5 and 1s I have been doing) without even really noticing. There is hope. A small glimmer, but still hope.

Janathon totals: Yoga 6/6, Run 3/6, Shred 2/6

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Smithers said...

Whew! I was worried about you and your pity pool yesterday.

There will be a time in the near future -- say, around April -- where I will feel overwhelmed by my blobbiness (i.e. your feelings yesterday) and I will need you to give me a cyber kick in the ass and tell me to suck it up.

So, all I have to say is "Suck it up!" :::Insert Cyber Kick in the Ass:::

No really, good job on the running -- those extra pounds are shaking in their boots right now. Keep it up! Also, I am proud of you for facing the ain't easy.