Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Four: The one where I realize how out of shape I am

Today's Janathon totals: 34 minutes running (run/walk) with Chou in the Chariot and 1 hour of yoga (It's starting to feel really good!).

The run: Want to know how slow I was? I only covered 2.75 miles. The workout I cleared on the Garmin said 31 min/3.1 miles. Ugh. In fairness, it's winter (a balmy -10 degrees C), and my child weighs 32 ish pounds. Plus, she complained a lot and I had to stop a few times to adjust her snowsuit for fear of a full on meltdown if I didn't. We also managed to stop at the very snowy park for 15 minutes, meaning I got right chilled, but also had an unbelievably brilliant time on the slides with Chou.

Janathon totals: Run 2/4, Yoga 4/4, Shred 1/4. Boo yay.

Oh, and cheer on my fellow Janathoners, Smithers (aka "Sore Crotch") and Ms. Rice and Natalie (aka "Soon to be my friends".

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Lewis and Clark Crush said...

Both you and your baby sound like bad-asses, going out in that insane cold weather. I don't think you were slow, I think time slows down in those kinds of temperatures. Keep up the good work!