Sunday, January 9, 2011

Historic day in Wumpusland

Today has been, to borrow from Pooh-Bear, a Very Big Day.

This morning, I rolled out of bed at 5 a.m., showered, made coffee, bundled up my sweet toddler in a blanket and set off for the airport before 6 a.m. There was heavy snow last night, so we wanted to leave a bit early to get to the airport on time. Running five minutes ahead of schedule, we ran into a little snag...or rather a 3,500 lb snag. Our lovely neighbour's teenage son had parked his car directly in our lane. No way around it. At 5:40 in the morning, there we were knocking on said neighbour's door to ask them to move it.

I, being the genius that I am, checked the car - unlocked and, thank goodness, a standard. Without waiting for the dimwit next door to wake up, I yelled, "Let's just push the bloody thing out of the way." Which, after said dimwit couldn't find the keys, is exactly what we did. (It turns out it was his friend's car who had driven another friend home so that friend wouldn't drive drunk. Commendable, but maybe next time don't block someone's only way out of their driveway?). Ahem. Where was I?

Oh, yeah, historic day. Right.


The reason we were going to the airport was to drop off Mr. Wumpus and Chou Chou Magoo for a five day extravaganza of family and friend time in Ontario. Did you catch that? Five days of daddy daughter time. In another province. By plane. Without mummy.

It also means mummy is sans Chou Chou for five days. Goodness, if it didn't feel so good to have some time to myself, I'd almost be sad.

(Really though, I'm glad she's in such a daddy phase or this would be stressful. I'd also be lying if I said I didn't cry a bit when they left. I also waited to watch their plane safely take off. I miss her already.)

On to historic day, part two and a Really Neat Something.

I'm currently at my hotel...and just got back in from running on the treadmill (3.1 miles, just under 34 mins-ish) and doing a 15 min weight/abs/stretch.

Big deal? Yes. Why? Because I've packed my runners on several occasions and only once that I can remember have I ever, ever used them while away on business. Instead of parking my butt and filling my face and wasting time, I actually unpacked, had a banana, drank some water, sent some emails, made a to-do list and promptly went and worked out. YES I DID. Thank you, Janathon!

On to the very neat thing, I had a woman call to see if I could be her doula in March. I met with her today and we sat and talked for TWO HOURS. I so very much hope she chooses me. The baby she is carrying is actually an adopted embryo - how cool is that? They tried all sorts of things, all the way to invitro with their own gametes, but had no success. They were/are on the wait list to adopt a baby, but received word last February that there were embryos up for adoption in another province. So while she is carrying the child, it's biologically someone else's. Isn't that a total mind blowing situation? And I love it and think she's wonderful and I want her to ask me to be her doula because THAT is one special baby in there.

It also makes me want to be a surrogate. It's so difficult to hear about others struggles with infertility. Seriously.

Back to work for me!

Janathon totals: Yoga 8/9, Run 4/9, Shred 3/9, Weight/Abs 1/9


Smithers said...

Love, Love, LOVE Janathon! I am moving way more than I did in the second trimester and feeling better-ish about myself because of it.

You...well, you are just kicking arse and taking names. Seriously.

Keep it up, Wump!

Coach Jen said...

We are so happy to have her and Mr. W. Thank you for sharing your family.