Monday, January 5, 2009

Long run

Have I mentioned how much I love my massage therapist? Well, I do. A lot. If I won a million dollars the first thing I would buy would be him. Really.

I had been having trouble with my right glute/hip/hamstring. It didn't hurt exactly, more a dull ache that was restricting my movement and keeping me up at night. I guessed that the move of Chou from sling to hip and the winter running had caused a major shift in my pelvis; I was right. Boy, was I right. After an hour of active release therapy (thank the heavens above for such a thing) on Saturday, I could move again.

Yesterday, the midwife and I planned a long run. I was a little nervous. My last short run out at her end of the city was tough. We made it just to 31 minutes and it was really hard work for me. I was discouraged and my leg was killing me. This time, we wanted to run just 40 minutes. We never discussed doing 10 and ones or anything like that, we just suited up (me with my new micro fibre long johns woot woot) and ran. The difference I felt was amazing. About 1/3 of the way in I felt like I was working about 6/10; the same point on our last short run I would have said 8/10. I could move, my legs responded, I had power and stability in my stride. We turned for home, climbed a massive hill, got near home, saw the watch and kept going. Our 40 mins turned into 45 and then we called it quits, afterall we did have a scumptious WW-friendly brunch awaiting us.

We finished just shy of 7 km. No 10 and ones and we both felt good enough to chat the entire time and could have continued. We weren't super fast, but we did it. I think you could have driven a truck through our grins after that run. Wow, did I need that.

Instead of worrying about starting training, I'm actually looking forward to building my base and finally choosing a training plan. So, I'll put this to you, Blogosphere - I have a training plan that I used for my last (first) half marathon. But then I found this one. Thoughts?

Oh, and two things: the Chou and I got rear-ended on Friday - very lightly, everyone is fine - but the dude didn't even apologize. What is wrong with this world? AND I'm interviewing a home daycare today. Wish me luck.

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