Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A wrench

Just when I thought I was getting a handle on this mum/wife/athlete/writer gig, the Chou throws a big ole wrench in the system.

I'm sitting at the computer, staring at a rather large freelance project that Just.Won't.Die. The problem? Sweet Chou is sleeping in to a more manageable 7 am (roughly), which is good. Except that by doing so, she's cut her morning nap in half, to 30 mins, and now takes a monster 2-hour afternoon siesta. The problem? I'm a morning writer. Afternoons my brain can take notes, research, interview, compile but it cannot write. I wish I was exaggerating. And so the same project I had hoped to have at least at draft stage by this past Monday is still only half written.

Then there's the running. The midwife and I headed out Sunday for a 45 min run. Good for us, yes, but the snow here is like grease, even at -15, and we slipped around like drunken sailors. Not exactly ego-boosting, or easy on the muscles for that matter. What's more is pushing a stroller in this is near impossible, meaning that the short runs Chou and I used to do once a week are now simply not happening.

On the plus side, this new napping schedule reaffirms for me that mornings out playing with peers is going to be best for her and for me getting some work done. I also had some freelancing inquiries yesterday, nothing firm, but interest is good, no? And on the fitness front, I have muscles again and the scale is moving the right direction. All is not lost.

Editor's note: Just tried to add a picture. Blogger says, Nyet! Gosh darn it all to heck.

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Jennifer P said...

Well I'll just quit and become an assistant goat farmer and care for Chou in the AM so you can write. Right?