Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saving space

I did it.

I e-mailed the daycare to hold a morning spot for the Chou. And you know what? I'm totally at peace with it and even, dare I say, feel good about knowing I have a place for her.

The day home with Daddy and watching Chou at playdates really solidified it for me: Chou needs to play with other kids, and she can do so without me around and still survive. And then, I read Jen P's post about how Newt actually cried LEAVING daycare, and I think, "See? It's all going to be fine." Now, we move on.

Can you see my tooth? It's there...I promise!

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Coach Jen said...

And if it doesn't work out what's the worst that can happen? You stay home with your daughter? They're tough little peanuts and you'll know immediately if things aren't right.