Thursday, January 8, 2009

WW Week Five Report

Weigh-in: Down .8 lb
Total weight loss to date: 5.8 lb

This week was a short one - Saturday weigh-in to Thursday - so I still feel on track for the "pound a week" trend. That, and I'd just eaten a huge heavy lunch. Stupid me.

Here's what's quite funny about this week and the lowest loss to date: it was probably my best eating/activity week yet. I used only 2 of my "allowance" (you're allowed 35 anytime, extra points) and racked up 14 activity points (that I could have eaten). What I did do differently this week, and not on purpose, is I left a point or two on the table probably three times this week. With WW you're supposed to eat every point of your daily allowance every day. I didn't. Perhaps there's a lesson there?

I am also noticing some muscles coming back, thank goodness. I like muscles - I don't care if they way 20 times more than fat, muscles make me happy. Welcome back quads and biceps! Oh, and here's a little muscle tidbit for you, faithful reader: according to my massage therapist, my right ass muscle is 10% larger than my left. You're welcome.

Happy training.
Ms. W.

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Anonymous said...

k, that 10% is just too funny... but I'll be looking a little closer in my mirror now too, lol...