Thursday, January 22, 2009

What I've learned in 10 months: I need to think before I do

Yes, the Chou hit the double digits today. In celebration, I took her for her shots...with an appointment at the doctor's, across town, at 8 am. During a bus strike. In slippery, slushy weather. Not only did she not get a real breakfast before we went, she napped on and off until we got home, missing her morning nap time entirely. Did I mention it was at 8 am? Why am I so stupid. Also, when I changed her at the doctor's I didn't unfold the diaper all the way, apparently, and on the drive home she peed out the side of the diaper, through her pjs and all over her snowsuit. And is now wide awake when she should be asleep.

And I've only had one coffee and not enough breakfast.

Chou's 10 month letter is just going to have to wait until I clean her up, feed her and get me some caffeine. Ugh.

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