Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A training regime I can handle

This is week one, friends, of half marathon training. The midwife was good enough to find a really great 17-week program and fine tune it for her and me. Day one was yesterday. It said "Rest". What did I do? A 25 minute Shred video by Jillian Michaels (the trainer from the biggest loser). Speaking of loser, my training for the day was TO DO NOTHING and I did something. Argh. And you're thinking 25 minutes - big deal! Um, right. It's freakin' hard and I am so sore today (which I love). Today is a 3 mile tempo run. I may have to take the Chou out with me, which also doesn't really make it a tempo run, but heck, I'm going out swinging - training will likely taper from here. Right.

I like this training program - it's less repetitive than the last I did and has a longer endurance building phase, followed by a strength phase, then speed. My last 15 week program was easy to follow but rather boring and a little too simple.

Perhaps the best part is my time in Manitoba will take me through the endurance phase, and I won't need to be doing any hill workouts until I'm back in the land of, well, hills. I'm going to have to lean pretty heavily on my Manitoba folks to get all these runs in, but thankfully it's the beginning of training and my long runs start at 5 miles and work up to 8 miles before I come home. That's not too long to ask someone to watch Chou, right? Hmm, I might be buying a lot of coffees and baking some mean banana bread loaves.

And now, I've got a last freelance project to wrap up and a month-long trip to pack for.

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