Sunday, January 25, 2009

A perfect 10

The Chou has got us all hopping - 10 months is the new 12 according to her. She's mastered the art of pointing at objects, either out of curiosity or want. She now offers to share toys or snacks but seems somewhat offended when you eat her food. I think she's a little young to understand "Indian giving" but we're trying to explain (and the inappropriateness of the term, too, for all you politically correct folks out there).

Chou is moooving. Non-stop crawling (one leg up, one leg under) keeps me building new barricades daily and her cruising of furniture is boring - now she wants one finger with which to grasp so she can motor around with lightening speed. Her walk resembles some sort of Shaggy-like swagger and with her tiny legs is nothing short of hilarious. She stands confidently and often and can stand for as long as she feels like it seems. She often takes one step, has taken two, but she's not really walking. Soon, oh so soon.

She feeds herself, and that's how it MUST be. She'll rarely eat anything off a spoon if we're holding it. She'd prefer to miss her mouth and get incredibly dirty in the process. I'm running through laundry again like when she was first born. She also seems to prefer to grasp at the spoon with her left hand. It seems dominant, but it's too early to tell for sure. Her favorite foods are avocado (by far the most favorite), banana, carrots, puffed wheat and whatever is on mummy's plate.

Chou is dangerously close to getting the Mama and Dada to the right parent. In general, she does, but sometimes it's indiscriminate. Her babbles are more complex, with changes in sound and cadence. She can be insistent, pissy, loving or questioning.

Her newest love? Elmo and Cookie Monster. Also, goats. You Tube videos of the first two and pictures of the last will keep her doing the "open-mouthed, blank stare" for minutes at a time. She also claps along to The Colbert Report. Atta girl.

Did I mention she finally got two teeth? First the bottom right, then bottom left and now her top two are budding up and threatening. It looks so painful. I can practically feel the sleepless nights coming on. Speaking of sleep, for two nights now we've had really, really good sleeps and 10 to 8 wake ups. Now that I've said that of course....

Her favorite toys are anything we didn't buy as a toy. Mixing bowls, a spatula, her baby toothbrush and my stepper are hot ticket items. Also, climbing on people and picking at buttons on shirts and jeans is a favorite past time. She's so funny.

And that's maybe been the theme of this past month: we're having so much fun together, our wee family of three. We laugh so often and play, loudly and often. It's truly amazing to me how entertaining a wee one with no language and flawed balance can be. It doesn't hurt that she's adorable. Wildly adorable.

(and once again blogger isn't letting me add picture. Fools!)

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