Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back it up

I've come into a few tidbits of wisdom in the past few days and I thought I'd share them here to, you know, pay it forward.

1. Don't buy the $99 printer from costco. It seems like a good idea. Until you bring it home, it works like shit and then your computer starts this incessant loop trying to boot up.

2. Back up your files. Oh, wait. I owe anyone who owns a PC a big ole apology here. Me with my holier than thou attitude has always looked down my nose at those PC users without an external hard drive. Yesterday I found myself sifting through my own back up files, realizing I hadn't backed up Chou's pictures since November. Shit.

3. Disk utilities are there for a reason. Use them. Oh, and Costco's return policy? Golden.

4. Chiropractors are not for a once or twice a year fix. Go often. Say, not every 3 months.

5. An easy 3-miler is a much better idea than 5 hill sprints the day after you get adjusted at the chiro. Followed by a day's rest.

6. And finally, after you've been binge eating for a week, are bloated and bitchy, check the calendar before assuming this is just the way your life is going to be from now on. Stupid hormones.

P.S. On a much cuter note, Chou is officially, without stopping walking. Last night she walked from her bedroom, to the living room, turned around, walked back. Sat down, got up, walked to the bathroom, to our room, turned around and back, squatted to pick up her sweater, stood back up and away she went...without hanging on to anything. It was like something went *click* and off she went. Video to follow.


coach jen said...

Did you lose her photos? F bomb.

coach jen said...

Did you lose her photos? F bomb.

coach jen said...

Did you lose her photos? F bomb.

Ms. Caddywumpus said...

Thankfully, no. We didn't lose anything. We just had to run the disk utility after we'd uninstalled the printer and Poof! Computer is good as no with nothing lost and no incessant loop to boot up. The printer effed up the boot disk, which apparently happens some times. Luckily we didn't have to re-install or we would have lost stuff. All is backed up now. What a relief.

Kels said...

Congrats, Chou! You are officially a toddler.