Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Twelve pounds in and I think I've officially hit a plateau both mentally and physically.

Oh, right. WW Report weeks...nine through, um, thirteen? Wow. It's been a while. To get you up to speed, my weigh in last week wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. I was down 1.6 lb, which puts me at an even 12 pounds over 12 weeks. Not bad, seeing as the three weeks prior to this weigh in I hardly ran, didn't track what I ate and didn't try all that hard to stop myself from indulging.

I kept telling myself that I'd recommit to this last 10 to 15 pounds when I got home. And now I've been home a week, ran a 3-miler that should have been six, done zero cross training and while I am tracking what I'm eating I'm averaging three or more sweet treats a day. The scale is holding steady every morning, when it used to budge just a little every few mornings.

Perhaps more difficult than policing my intake is where I'm at mentally. I've been downplaying just how much my glute and hip have been bothering me. I went for a massage yesterday and feel 90% better, but I know that I need to stretch, strengthen and stretch some more to keep injuries at bay and it's not happening. I'm also happy with how I look - I've never wanted to be a skinny mini. I'd love to tone up (and will) but I'm a comfortable size 8 (and look mighty good in those size 8s I might add) and don't know if I need to strive for size 6 (for the record, I actually am a 6 in some pants in some stores, but vanity sizing is a bitch, you know?). In short, it's starting to get difficult to up my fitness level and, well, I'm lazy.

Then, on top of all the image stuff, there's this return to work and daycare and a whole other drama unfolding in our lives right now that I can't yet speak of, but will in the next few weeks. My first day back at work rocked and I'm really looking forward to this level of work (three days a week) and the projects in front of me. Chou is taking to daycare like a duck to water. This morning, I plunked her down to take off her coat and by the time I put down her backpack and turned around she was gone down the hall to the playroom. Not even a wave! The nerve of some babies. So while it's going well, I still feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop and the frantic call from the caregiver that my baby needs me...that will likely never come. And I should be thankful for that. But mommy jealousy knows no bounds.

And did I mention Mr. Wumpus is being a Mr. Grumpus? Our first few days home were lovely, but he's at the tail end of an intense work period and it's getting the better of his down time. I told him this morning to find me a cheery husband while he's out and about today and send him home to me instead. I was only half joking and he knows it.

It's now 8:30. Duty calls. Phooey.

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