Thursday, March 5, 2009

WW Week Fourteen Report

Weigh-in: Down 1.2 lb.
Total loss to date: 13.2 lb.

Weird. I'm looking at my weight loss progress log in my WW book and I've had way worse weeks in terms of weight loss than these past few, and yet I feel like I'm plateauing now, not then.

I feel like I need something shorter term to get me motivated. I thought about 130 by 30 (a mere 7 weeks away) but realized that would be something stupid like two pounds a week each week from here on out and that's just not going to happen while I'm nursing. And that's OK. I think 130s by 30 is a far more attainable goal. Yet even that doesn't feel motivating enough.

The half marathon is motivation, don't get me wrong. This week marks 12 weeks until the race and while I'm definitely faster and leaner than the same point last time around, my endurance is better but not great and I'm skipping out on too many runs. Add to this that I'm not really cross training and I start to feel like I'm setting myself up for the same dismal last two miles of hell where I realize just how stupid it is to skip out on training runs.

Then I got this bright idea - break down the next 12 weeks into three sets of four and have a different goal for each. My first idea was to commit the next four weeks to a) running each and every training run AND b) committing to a 30 day Shred with Jillian M. from the biggest loser. Except that doing both might be pushing it and I keep trying to buy Shred online and it doesn't work, then I go to buy it at Chapters and it's not there. Sigh, does Jillian hate me that much? I thought she wanted me to succeed.

Or maybe I'm like Jen P: I can only do one thing really good at a time. Except that right now I'm not sure what that one thing is.

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coach jen said...

But I have no idea what I'm good at now either. And I am going to get you through those 2 miles of hell. Because those are my 2 best miles.