Friday, March 27, 2009

Eff off, Ides of March

Whatever the hell Ides are, they can just piss off anytime now.


Wednesday Day of Attitude Adjustment was short lived. I'll admit it, this March has been tough. It's not horrible, I can't complain about everything - we're all healthy, have a home and jobs, aren't flooding and blah blah blah, but I'd love, love, LOVE for just one day to go smoothly, one day that I accomplish all I set out to do (or must do), one day where I can go to bed at night weary but restful.

Instead, every day since, oh, the beginning of March has been a struggle in some regard. Whether it's this job transfer, Chou's birthday, her one year old portraits that didn't happen (another post entirely), a computer going kaput, a shower doing the same or work just not flowing, every day holds some sort of wrench in my plans. I've dropped out of the half (again, another post, one that I will write, I promise), put WW on hold and am trying to simplify and stay focused on the important stuff. But clearly, it's not enough.

Just one day, world. Just give me one day where all goes according to plan. Please.

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Kels said...

This to shall past. Sometimes it's the only thing that gets you through. That and friends/sisters to complain to. We are just a call away. Soon, only 6 hours away.