Friday, March 13, 2009

The Edge

Today is a big day. While I shall remain cryptic for my own reasons, we get some news today that could throw a real big wrench into the Life of Wumpus. It's good, it'll be good, we'll make it work no matter what, but it's still a big day.

I'm nervous. I'm excited. I'm pissed off at how little my paycheque is in relation to my part-time daycare bill. Wait, that was random. Whatever, today is my first pay day since going back to (staying at?) work and I new I'd be underwhelmed with the part-time paycheque, but it really was a downer this morning.

On the plus side, this time change thing means I get to sip my coffee while watching the sun come up. Early morning sun is my favorite.

I'm disappointed in my running this week, but this time I'm disappointed because it would seem my midwife's and my schedules have been conspiring against us. I missed my hills workout and now I'm unsure whether I should swap hills for a 10 km or do the 10 km and skip the hills. Suggestions? I was supposed to do both. Then 12 km on Sunday, which I will do.

Does anyone else think this blog doesn't make sense or have a point? Welcome to what my brain has been like for the past week. You try working in all this mess. It's not happening.

And did I mention that in the midst of all this whateveritis, Chou has been sleeping like a champ. We even had one night with ONE wake up. ONE. Total. She went to bed at 8, work at 230, ate, and went back to bed until 730 am. Holy crap. Normally, I'd be celebrating and throwing a party, instead, I've hardly noticed, I've just been thankful for the extra rest. But then she's also started making 7:30 her regular waking time...which is tough when we need to be out of the house by 7:50.

I think I hear her now....

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