Sunday, March 15, 2009

Two jades, an ivy, an aloe and a gerbera daisy

Plants fascinate me. When I started university, I waltzed in there with my rampant love of animals and thought for certain I'd make livestock my business. But within one term I realized there was this secret life of green things that had me wowed at every turn. I'm not much of a green thumb, mind you. Sure, I like a good garden and I wield a mean hoe, but my gardens are always haphazard and more a xerioscape than a planned, planted, weeded thing.

Houseplants are another matter, however. Me and house plants are buds (pardon the pun). I'll take a half dead, fungus infested Christmas cactus and have the thing blooming in May in no time. I had an ivy that grew a half inch a weekend, much to the wonder and amazement of my coworkers (who now, coincidentally, all have spawns of said ivy. There's even a spawn of one of those spawns spawning in my bedroom as we speak).

When we moved out here, it was late October. Chou was only half baked in my oven, and, well, I was already rather maternal about all things living. I even let a tiny pepper seed sprout and bear fruit (vegetable?) in my kitchen window. So when it came time to pack up my aloe (a gift), my two jades (grown from tiny, dropped and seemingly discarded leaves), and the hardy ivy, I was more than a little dismayed to learn the poor things would be sitting on a cold, dark truck for more than 10 days.

They arrived, a little worse for wear, but they all made it. The jade still bears pocked leaves from the cold and the aloe only this summer really started to grow again, but there they are, thriving in my north facing window, the picture of health and photosynthesis.

We got word Friday that we're moving. This is a great thing - it's a great opportunity for Mr. Wumpus and frankly, we've got itchy feet in this family and are ready for a new adventure. But before I can even begin to come to terms with leaving my lovely Ottawa folks, I look at my perfect jades, the aloe, my ivy and a sweet new gerbera, and I'm bowled over to know I can't take them with me. This move is a fast one; we leave in about a month and will likely stay in temporary housing for a solid three months, all our possessions in hiding for that time. The plants, while hardy, just wouldn't make it. And so, they will stay behind. As gifts to my lovely Ottawa folks, as safekeepers of them should we return, and as adoption wardens for all the little ivy spawns already growing in that little pot.

One thing at a time, I tell myself. One thing at a time.

Editor's note: Yes, this is big news, and not all of you will have been told. I can only tell you this right now - we're headed west. Back to the prairies. And we couldn't be happier (except for the part where we're sad to leave. Ottawa has become home far more quickly than we thought). Details to follow. In the meantime, anyone want a new houseplant?

When we first arrived. Aloe and Jade 1. Poor buggers were half dead and our now twice this size.

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coach jen said...

I think you can find a spawn of spawn at the Ink. I killed mine while on mat leave. Go figure.