Friday, March 6, 2009

On the move

The Chou is walking. She can cover three to four feet of space. She easily crosses spaces two feet across, toddling over with her still-shaky legs and her little hands frozen in mid-air, reaching for the next support. She's depending on the support less and less, and last night she up and just decided to cross the living room. And off she went, looking much steadier than even a week ago. She's even stood up from a crouch in the middle of the room.

I watch in awe.

A year ago she was still breathing through a placenta.

Wonders never cease.

Check out the top chompers. She's been working so hard on those, and two more are on their way. Poor kid.


Jennifer P said...

It's bananas! Good work Chou.

Anonymous said...

Nice chicklets! Way to go chou chou!